Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show," with Colonel Doner as Brother Love!

Good Morning from Murren, Switzerland! 

Hotel Eiger: This is where we stayed while here.
Wonderful place, awesome staff. 

The view while hiking around the area 

Colonel, errrr, Brother Love, enjoying the scenery


We found a great pub on our hike ... with a trampoline!
(Wendy and CJ) 

Of course, Joseph couldn't resist. 

CJ pleading for Derek to adopt him 

Colonel and Betel 

The Eiger and Monch, from Kleine Scheidegg

This is the area where Eastwood and crew filmed The Eiger Sanction 

(Left to right) Nancy, Wally, and Wendy 
Each of these ladies deserve medals for putting up
with our Traveling Salvation Show

So many potential photo ops! 

In Wengen for Meetings
There were so many waterfalls around this area 

Natalie Spiccia
In Wengen you could rent a dog for a day! 
Proceeds went to cancer research ...
or something like that. 

Tough to walk away from scenery like this

Copyright, Monte E Wilson, 2013